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DEVRI BAND - Steve, Larry, Declan & Chuck.

Chuck Parrish is a native of Pennsylvania, who moved to Boston in the early seventies to attend Berklee School of Music, majoring in Classical Guitar. Chuck has played with almost every Country Band in Boston, including John Lincoln Wright & the Sour Mash Boys, and is one of the most  in-demand guitarists on the circuit today.

Chuck has been named Guitarist of the Year so many times by the Massachusetts Country Music Awards Assn. that they’re considering renaming the trophy “The Chuckie”.  Chuck is also a charter member of Larry Flint & the Road Scholars, and is the featured soloist on Larry’s CD “Ghost of the Railroad”.

He has been playing music with Devri for the past few years, where he has adapted seemlessly to Celtic music, in fact, he sometimes has to show "The Paddys" how its done!